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At Boston SEO for Growth we provide authoritative content marketing services for our clients, by developing unique valuable content for your site.

Content marketing is a powerful form of marketing concentrated on creating, distributing and publishing relevant content for a targeted online audience. The purpose of this content is not to sell or promote products and services, it is to educate your target audience and provide value to their experience.

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Content Marketing Why and How

It may be said that Content Marketing isn’t any ONE thing. It’s a mash up of blogs, photos, e-newsletters, press releases, white papers, podcasts and videos, all supposedly related to marketing your product or service. But Content Marketing actually is about ONE overarching thing: VALUE. This means that every piece of content you produce must deliver a valuable message to your target audience, a message they deem worthy of their time and interest.

Why Bother with Content Marketing?

You may think that as long as you create content, with the right keywords, and then distribute it, you are engaged in Content Marketing. Well, yes… but then again, no. Just because you’ve written words about the perfect topic it doesn’t mean your target audience will read them. Have you invested time and resources into understanding your audience’s persona? Do you know what matters to them, what goals they have, or what problems they are trying to solve?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your content tell a story? Not just any old story, but one about your brand and your business, and how they can improve the lives of your audience.
  • Does your content engage your audience?
  • Is it relevant to their lives?

Content Marketing is like a wise mentor – it understands where your target audience is coming from and where they’d like to go. It tells a story worth reading or listening to, and if written well, offers direction and good advice, which ultimately steers them toward your business and your brand.

Your Own Experience

We all have at least one business we frequent simply because of the connection we feel. When we make a decision to purchase a product or service there may be an option that is less expensive, but that is of little to no consequence. We feel as though we matter there, that our dilemma or desire is more important than the purchase we make. The content that you produce starts to develop a valued long-term relationship.

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At Boston SEO for Growth we are invested in helping you tell your story in a way that connects you and your target audience in a mutually beneficial relationship. We want to help you amplify your strengths, and offer you the same value that you desire for your target audience.

Great content comes in the form of:

  • Blog posts that are relevant and provide valuable information
  • Podcasts and Videos are extremely popular and powerful when engaging users. These resources can be included and syndicated across multiple mediums.
  • Infographics that engage a reader and allow them to digest the information in a way that they remember and influences their decision making process.
  • Newsletters, E-books, Webinars, White Papers, and Case Studies a great way to provide content upgrades for those readers that are interested in learning more. This is a great resource to be able to gather the potential customers email for further communicating and nurturing.

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